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10 Key Questions for Dallas Homebuyers to Ask Inspectors

1. How much will it cost to inspect my new Dallas home?
While the cost of a home inspection in the Dallas area can vary considerably, typically, the average cost will range between $300 and $500. The high variability in cost of a Dallas home inspection is caused by the high variability in characteristics of each home (location, size, age, etc.). Housing & Urban Development (HUD) does not regulate home inspection fees. Therefore, the cost of some home

inspections may not ideally reflect the quality of the home inspection. Just like your Dallas mortgage, it is wise to consider the value of your Dallas home inspection in terms of the investment being made.

2. What will my Dallas home inspection cover?
The inspector should guarantee that both their inspection and inspection report will meet all applicable requirements in the state of Texas. If there are any additional areas you wish to have inspected, do not hesitate to identify them. Inform your inspector upfront about the additional areas. The inspector should ensure the new Dallas homeowner that they will abide by a well-structured code of ethics and standard of practice. If you would like to view these documents prior to the inspection, the inspector should provide you with a copy. At that time, ask any questions you may have.

3. What type of inspection report will you provide for my Dallas home and how long will it take for me to receive that report?
Most inspectors in the state will provide a full home inspection report within 24 hours of the actual inspection; however it’s always a good idea to double-check with your inspector to guarantee that the time parameters fulfill your needs. Also, be sure to ask for samples of reports to ensure that you understand your inspector’s reporting style and format.

4. How long will the inspection take?
A Dallas homeowner should expect the on-site inspection to take 2-3 hours for an average single-family home. Anything notably less may not be an adequate amount of time to perform a thorough home in- spection. For an especially large property or building, additional inspectors may be brought in.

5. Will I be able to attend my home inspection?
Every new Dallas homeowner should view their home inspection as a learning opportunity. This is an opportu- nity to see your future home through the eyes of an expert. An inspector that refuses your presence during the inspection should lead you to question the professionalism and expertise of the inspector.

6. Will my home inspector do repairs or improvements based on the inspection?
Some state regulations and home inspector associations allow the inspector to perform repair work, while oth- ers do not allow inspectors to perform repairs uncovered during the inspections, as this could be a conflict of interest.

7. How long have you been practicing in the home inspection profession and how many inspections have you completed in the Dallas area?
Your home inspector should be able to provide his/her work history in the profession. Do not be frightened to employ an inspector who is newer to the field. Newer inspectors are often very qualified and may be partnered with a more experienced inspector who will assist them with your home inspection.

8. Are you specifically experienced in residential inspection?
Although experience in construction or engineering is helpful when inspecting a home, it is by no means an alternate for training and experience in the distinct industry of residential home inspection.

9. Are you currently a member of a professional home inspector association?
If your home inspector states that they are a member of either a Texas or National Association for home inspec- tors, ask to see their membership ID, and execute whatever due diligence you believe is appropriate.

10. Do you participate in continuing education programs to keep your expertise up to date?
Continuing education is important in all industries and, for Dallas home inspectors, commitment to continuing education can be a good measure of his or her professionalism and dedication to the future Dallas homeowner.

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  1. Stacy Burdette says:

    Thank you for sharing this article. I’ve seen this information, in varying forms for years, but you’ve created a post that is sensitive to the home inspector community and helpful for the consumer. Kudos.

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