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10 Tips for a Smooth Move/Relocation

Moving into a new home is an event you have to organize well from day 1 if you want everything to go smoothly. Start with these ten tips in mind for a stress-free move:

Start Early

Start packing a month in advance. Pack a little each day, starting from the extremities of the home (the attic, cellar, under the sinks, and in the back of the least-used cupboards) and moving toward the most-used items. That way, when you get there, your most important stuff will be right there at the front waiting for you.

Notify Everyone at Least Two Weeks in Advance

Tell your electric company, telephone company, internet service provider, gas company, cable company, and mailman that you’re going to move at least fourteen days before the event actually occurs. This will keep you from getting charged for days that you’re not actually using the service they provide.

Hire the Right Crew

Make sure your packing crew is licensed, bonded, and insured. If they screw anything up, you want to make sure they’re at fault and they know it.

Bring Double the Packing Supplies

You always need at least twice as much bubble wrap, butcher paper, cardboard boxes, and other packing materials than you think you do — even when you take this rule into account.

Disconnect Your Appliances the Night Before.

The moving team might be early — it happens. You don’t want to unnecessarily delay them, so get all of your major appliances disconnected before the movers arrive.

Arrange Access for Your Moving Van

If your moving van can’t get close to your door, you’ll want to make sure you have arrangements with your movers as to how they’ll deal with the distance.

Have a System

Group your packed material in sets that make intuitive sense to you — and then, regardless of the sensibility of it all, label everything as clearly as you can remember the moment you’ve taped the box shut.

Carry On Luggage

Some things just shouldn’t be left to the packers — bank cards, birth certificates, jewelry, and small easily-saleable antiques should all be kept with you, even if it means having a small suitcase in the cab of the moving van with you.

Be There For the Move

It’s ultimately your responsibility to make sure that everything goes according to plan on moving day — so plan to be there and guide the whole project yourself.

Take Time for Three Final Checks

Each time you walk through the house, look at a different level of detail — it’s amazing how often you can miss something hanging on the middle of a bare wall because you’re worried about leaving things in the linen closet.


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