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10 Tips for Dressing-up Your Dallas Driveway

Dallas Texas MortgageYour driveway is one the first aspects visitors notice when they see your home. If you instill it with character and turn it into something stunning, you will present your guests with a warm and inviting welcome to your home.

Try any of these 10 ideas provided by our mortgage experts at PrimeLending Dallas to makeover your driveway in a way that complements your home and personality:

1. Plant Foliage.

When you add bushes and trees along your driveway, it creates an eye-catching border that will be sure to engage people’s attention. You can add a multitude of beautiful colors and fragrances to your yard by mixing plants.

2. Add a Trellis.

A trellis can supply your home with a great focal point and can even produce the illusion of a larger
home. You can construct a beautiful green wall that will add character and charm by planting fastgrowing
vines around the structure.

3. Construct a Brick Driveway.

If you are looking for something completely new, changing the paving material is a wonderful idea. Though it can include more money and work than some other options, it will give your home an elegant entryway that is sure to turn heads. You can purchase brick in an array of colors and sizes to match many color schemes. To personalize your driveway, lay the bricks in a variety of designs such as circles, waves, or checkerboard.

4. Put in a Privacy Bed.

If you and your neighbor share a driveway, planting flowers and shrubs between the entryways is an excellent way to create small but colorful privacy wall.

5. Install Lighting.

Add an influential effect to your home with landscape lighting. This will change the look and feel of your home in a great way. For example, you can position the lights to border the sides of your driveway creating a runway design or to add a more creative touch try staggering two or more lamp styles.

6. Design a Rock Garden.

There are no rules saying that your lawn has to meet your driveway. Extract a two-foot-wide strip of grass from each side of your driveway and fill both areas with rocks. Mix an assortment of sizes and colors to create character.

7. Build a Retaining Wall.

If there is sufficient room along your driveway, constructing a retaining wall will add character and old-world charm to your home. You have many options such as using railroad ties, stones, telephone poles, or bricks to create a design that is perfect for you.

8. Create a Grass Driveway.

If your front yard is small and contains limited color, why not make your driveway your lawn?

9. Add Gravel.

Creating a new look is as easy as adding a little gravel. You can choose from a wide variety of colors such as blue-gray to produce a peaceful, family-style appeal, red which generates a natural look, or white to project a more formal feeling.

10. Recreate the Shape.

Changing the frame of your driveway completely is the ultimate makeover. You can create whatever look or feel suits your home the best. Adding a curve or two can provide the look of an alluring country road. Creating a circular driveway supplies you with an excellent centerpiece location to add a beautiful statue or fountain and it also produces an easy route for visitors to come and go as they please.

No matter what design you choose for your driveway, it will create wonderful curb appeal and boost
the value of your home.

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