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City of Garland Down Payment Assistance Program

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First Time Homebuyer/American Dream Downpayment Initiative Programs

The American Dream Downpayment Initiative Program (ADDI) and the First Time Homebuyer Program are downpayment programs that are targeted to provide assistance to First Time homebuyers with closing costs.


Provide a network of services and providers that furnishes the resources for low and moderate income families to be able to buy a home and become successful homeowners.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must not have owned a home within the past 3 years

  • Must be below 80% of HUD’s median income guidelines

  • Must purchase a home in the Garland City Limits

  • Must be able to qualify for a First Mortgage with a private Lender

Who are the members of the partnership?

The partnership is made up of 4 general areas of housing development that include;

  1. Financial – First Mortgage loans provided to the client at discounted rates thru the private sector

  3. Business/Economic Development – Private Builders providing new and affordable homes

  5. Real Estate – Private Real Estate agents providing discounted fees to clients participating in the program

  7. Neighborhood Services – At the hub of this partnership is Neighborhood Services who acts as the principal overseer and coordinator of the partnership.

How The Process Works

Clients come into the homebuying process in many ways but simply stated, when a client is interested in purchasing a home, the following steps will guide them thru the application process:  

  1. Come into or call our office at 972-205-3310 to obtain a ADDI Package that will give the necessary steps in the program. The package includes a participating Realtors and Lenders along with the required paperwork and guidelines.

  3. Select a Realtor to help in the purchase of a home. Once a home has been selected, the realtor will write a contract on the property and will submit this to the Lender.

  5. Select a Lender to obtain the First Mortgage on the home. The Lender will in turn provide Neighborhood Services with a copy of the Loan Package and Approval documentation.

  7. Submit your Sales Contract, Loan Package and Approval along with our completed Neighborhood Services application and forms to our office located at 222B Carver, Garland TX 75040.

Once all the documentation is received and the eligibility is established, the home will be sent to an Inspector to insure that the property passes Garland’s Minimum Housing Code Standards. Please allow at least 2 weeks from the time a package is dropped off to schedule closing with a Title Company.


The above steps are presented in an oversimplified nature. There are many detailed and time sensitive requirements and steps that must happen to make the process work efficiently and successfully. If all partners know and follow prescribed roles something wonderful happens; the development of an affordable home for a client who may not but for this program been able to own a piece of the American dream.

HUD Median Family Income Guidelines

Family Size Maximum Income Allowable
1 Person $37,250.00
2 Persons $42,550.00
3 Persons $47,900.00
4 Persons $53,200.00
5 Persons $57,450.00
6 Persons $61,700.00
7 Persons $65,950.00

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