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City of Irving Down Payment Assistance Program

City of Irving Website
Refinance Dallas PrimeLendingThe following is an outline of the process to obtain downpayment and closing costs assistance (generally, it takes an average of 45 days to complete our program):

  1. Apply for the HDAP

  3. Applications are reviewed within 10 business days from submittal (please include all the documentation listed on page 2 of the application)

  5. You will be notified in writing if additional documentation is needed to process your request for assistance (please allow 10 business days for review of additional documentation submitted after your application is received)

  7. Housing Analyst will contact you to schedule a one‐on‐one interview

  9. Attend a program orientation (City of Irving – 2 hour class). Call 972.721.4800 to register

  11. Attend a Homebuyer Education Class (through a HUD approved Housing Counseling Agency – 8 hour class)

  13. Once the verification process of all submitted documentation is complete, an approval in the form of a Commitment Letter is mailed to you along with contact information for Preferred Lenders

  15. Obtain mortgage pre‐approval from an Irving Preferred Lender

  17. Present the Commitment Letter and mortgage pre‐approval to the seller of a home to make an offer to purchase the house of your preference and sign a contract (seller and realtor need to know how much you qualify for in order to write up an offer, contracts require a minimum of 45 days to close)

  19. Submit a copy of the contract to our office as soon as available (please include a copy of the mortgage pre‐approval)

  21. Inspections are ordered (a visual inspection from the city and a private inspection from a state license inspector of your choice)

  23. If any repairs are needed, seller must be complete repairs and schedule re‐inspection before closing

  25. Lender will issue a Clear to Close on the mortgage loan

  27. City schedules closings five business days from the receipt of a final Settlement

Statement (this statement shows a breakdown of fees for the mortgage transaction and the final amount to be sent from the City to the title company for your closing).
For detailed information on how you may qualify for this type of assistance please visit the City of Irving website, scroll down to the "Homebuyer Down-Payment Assistance Program" section. In here you will find a homebuyer guide, program policies, and an application form. Page 2 of the application provides you with the current income limits and a list of the documents we need from you to process your request for assistance.
There are other forms under the same section that must be included with a purchase contract; the Checklist of Required Documents should be of help in getting your documentation together.
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