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Eight Spring Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

About the Author:
Crystal Tost is an award winning Realtor® who specializes in Calgary Real Estate. Search all Calgary Homes for Sale or view local community profiles. When Crystal is not selling real estate she enjoys catching up on the latest technology tips and enjoying time with her family.

Eight Spring Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

As a homeowner, there are certain maintenance issues that will arise. Some of these are occasional while some happen about once a year. For those maintenance issues that happen once a year there are certain tips that will make them go a lot faster and smoother. These tips will also work to keep costs down and to allow the homeowner to have piece of mind should they need to sell the property or rent it out at any point.

Gutter and Roof Maintenance

Gutter and roof maintenance are vital regardless of the climate you are in. If you are in a cold climate where it snows for several months then you may perform maintenance on the gutters and roof prior to the first snowfall. However, cleaning out the gutters and performing maintenance is vital after the snow has melted. Check for loose roof areas, holes or other damage that may cause issues later.

Check Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces and small storage spaces under homes can be damaged during rough winter storms. During the spring is the ideal time to check for damage to the spaces in the foundation or with possible leakage.

Maintain Outdoor Pipes

Often times the only time a homeowner remembers maintenance on their outdoor pipes is during a freeze or the summer when any issues may be to late and expensive to fix. Check all out door pipes for leaks. Turn on pipes and follow the connecting pipes to ensure there are no leaks in the pipeline that could cause ground issues.

Maintain Drainage Areas

Clear and maintain drainage areas. The spring is when most rainfall occurs in many areas. Make sure drainage areas are clear of debris and that water flows freely through the areas.

Check Home Siding

If your home has vinyl or wood siding then check the siding for cracks, winter damage or possible loose boards. These should be repairs as soon as possible.

Maintain the Lawn

Spring is the time for homeowners to check any potential home and garden issues. Check for termites that could eventually find their way to the home. Insects, bugs and rodents would be easily spotted and can be easily dealt with in the spring.

Readjust Heating and Cooling
During the winter months, many homeowners adjust the way their homes heat and cool. Spring maintenance checks are the perfect time to check for any issues with heating and cooling systems. Set the systems to springtime operational settings.

Door and Window

Spring is the perfect time to check for leaks and seal issues with doors and windows. Many seals can become damaged during harsh winter weather causing leaks during the summer and costly cooling bills. Check and repair any leaks or seal problems you find with doors, windows and window screens

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