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Get Organized and Conquer Clutter

Dallas Organization Tips

Organizing your home is helpful in more ways than one. Reducing clutter and increasing organization allows you be more productive and efficient. It helps keep you focused and on-task. Lastly, a clean, clutter-free home can create peacefulness and harmony in your life and, as an additional bonus, reduce your overall stress level. Here are some useful tips our Dallas mortgage experts have provided to help you transform your home from a cluttered mess to an organized oasis.

Step 1: Set a Goal

The first step in organizing your home is to set small goals that will permit you to reach your main goal, complete home organization. Those who attempt to organize their entire home in a single day or weekend often fail due to frustration.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Instead, generate a game plan with very specific goals. A good way to do this is to walk into the first room you wish to de-clutter. Take a good look around and begin making small goals to accomplish in that room. For example, if you decide to start with your kitchen, a few small goals you may set are to organize the food pantry, clean out the refrigerator, organize the bar that has turned into a junk mail collector, and put away the nicely folded laundry that is taking over the breakfast table. Attempting to knock out all of these tasks in one day may be too much; therefore, break these tasks up and assign a deadline to each.

Step 2: Do Not Procrastinate

One of the biggest challenges you will face when it comes to getting organized is procrastination. If you
find yourself accomplishing everything on your to-do list except for your home organization tasks, try using a timer. Set the timer for twenty minutes and work on one of your organizational/clean-up projects. Once the timer goes off, you can either add more time or switch to something else.

One important thing to note is to put the projects that make the biggest difference on the top of your to-do list. Don’t start with organizing your bathroom cabinets. Instead, start on something that is seen every day, like your kitchen table.

Step 3: Make it Fun

While cleaning is definitely not the best way to spend a Saturday morning, there are ways in which you can make the process more enjoyable. Grab your I-pod, pick out your favorite playlist, and blast it on the speakers. If you feel as though you need some extra encouragement, invite a friend over to join you.

Step 4: Toss it, Give it, or Store it

The most essential step in home organization is controlling and managing clutter. Clutter can make even the largest of rooms feel small and suck the energy out of the space. It can leave you feeling disoriented and lethargic. To control your clutter situation, sift through it. Make three separate piles: toss, give, and store. Keep in mind that everything must have a home; therefore, if you do not have a place to store it, the item in question must either be tossed or given away.

The hardest part about this step is knowing what to keep and what not to keep. What is worth saving and what is worth tossing? There are two key questions to answer about an item when deciding its fate in your home. When did I last use this? And, do I have a future use for this? If you haven’t used it in months and it is classified as an everyday object, give it up. Now, if it is something that is meant to be used for certain occasions and you do indeed use it during those occasions, then store it.

Step 5: Invest in a Day Planner

Keeping track of your goals and objectives will help you stay on top of your game plan. Consider purchasing a day planner. Paper management is a great way to visually see when and how you will go about your home transformation. Not only will it allow you to fill in the days you wish to accomplish certain projects, but it will also permit you to fill in life’s other activities such as dentist appointments, birthday parties, or important anniversaries.

Step 6: Store it fashionably

Getting organized doesn’t have to be boring. Instead of buying basic, plastic containers, consider opting for storage containers that are stylish and can provide decorative elements to the room. The Container Store is just one example of the numerous shops that provide unique and stylish storage items for those looking to organize their lives.

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