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PrimeLending Dallas – Decorating a Chic Bedroom

Stylish chic modern bedroomOf all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is the most intimate and personal. How you choose to decorate reflects your own individuality and style. Some décor can leave one feeling energized, to the point of waking up every morning ready to take on the day. Others can be so relaxing you might never want to leave
your bed.

Also, each bedroom holds a different character. For example, you may go for a completely
different feel when decorating you guest bedrooms compared to your own bedroom. There are plenty of ways to decorate, from fresh and fun to the classy and sophisticated. The team at PrimeLending Dallas has listed a few new angles to give your bedroom a contemporary edge.

Go Natural.

For starters try turning your bedroom into an extension of nature. If you can’t go out into nature itself, why not bring it in your home? Try using shades of brown and green to bring about the feeling of being on an island or in a peaceful garden.

To fully bring this atmosphere to life, try adding aspects of bamboo or using handmade papers for lampshades. Adding potted plants is another great option for creating an outdoor theme.

If you wish to take this idea one step further, create a setting that is original and sustainable. You have the option of purchasing bedding and window treatments that are prepared from organic cotton and
pure vegetable dyes. Additionally, there are paints available that are low in volatile organic compounds.

Give It a Stylish Edge.

Attempt to use textured wallpaper to give your bedroom a stylish edge. Vintage-inspired patterns can be particularly fun and automatically become the focal point of your room. If you choose this path, you can anchor the room by only using the wallpaper on one wall where the nightstand and bed sit.

Unless your bedroom is particularly large, using any more than this can overwhelm your room and make it appear crowded. It is best to use simple designs and solid colors for the bed and window coverings since most textured wallpapers have patterns.

Bring in Texture.

Adding molding is another excellent way to bring depth and texture to the walls. This is a great way to change boring, flat surfaces and give them a classic and sophisticated look. You can add crown molding around the border of your ceiling or create frames by adding molding in rectangular shapes on the wall above your bed.

Don’t Forget Lighting.

It is easy to underestimate how simple lighting changes can enhance the appearance of a room. One tip to remember when it comes to lighting a bedroom is less is more. You can still have a space that is inviting and warm without highlighting every spot of the room.

Put natural light to use as well. If the room is dark or shadowed, you have many natural lighting options. Window blinds can magnify this light and also act as a dimmer switch to control the amount
that comes into the room.

A hot new trend is adding a drop chandelier to your bedroom. Whether you are going for a girly style
or something more outrageous, there are designs for every taste.

A chandelier in the bedroom makes a bold statement no matter what look you choose and also adds a great amount of light. Another choice you have is wall sconces. They can be purchased in many different designs and each one radiates the right amount of light.

Add a Pop of Color.

Add color! Using one color is not only boring but it drowns out everything in the room, making it appear smaller than it really is. Look for a shag throw rug in your favorite color to contest the boredom. The shag brings a bit of retro style that’s funky and fun.

Some options are to put it at the foot of your bed, under your bed, or you can angle it to the side of
your bed. The shag should be your accent color. Be sure to add other decorations such as a vase, a couple of throw pillows, or a retro clock. At last, pick a contrasting color that coordinates with the rest of the room.

If you decide white will be your main color, choose one accent color that can be dropped here and there to keep the room fresh and pulled together.

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