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Five Ways to Refurbish Your Porch for Under $100

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Want to add punch to your porch? With summer having arrived, now is a better time than ever to dust off the welcome mat and spruce up your front door and porch. Your front porch area is the first thing guests see when they arrive at your home and sets the tone for what’s inside. Our team of Dallas mortgage experts has put together a list of five ways to add a little flair and personality to your front door and porch without breaking the bank.


Add a pop of color.

A bright pop of color is just what your front porch needs to get noticed this summer. Painting your front door is probably the easiest and least expensive way to make a dramatic difference to your front entry space. Now, our Dallas team is not suggesting that you run to the nearest home improvement store and purchase a gallon of aqua blue paint. Before deciding on a color for your front door, step back and take a look at the overall color palette of your home. Choose a color that nicely accents the colors that are already present.


While darker colors are more noticeable, extreme contrasts can be overkill. If you are unsure about what color to go with for your front door, check out a few brochures of color palettes found in paint stores. Pick out a couple of brochures that contain some of your existing home colors and use them to get ideas for colors that will accent your main colors nicely. Another way to get inspired is to look online.


High-quality exterior semi-gloss enamel should do the trick and only costs about $15 a quart. Be sure to sand the front door before you begin painting, otherwise the new paint will eventually peel.


Move forward with pottery.

Regardless of the size, pottery is a great addition to any front entry area. Whether you have one large pot or three smaller pots on your front porch, pottery always serves as a good tool for directing visitors to your front door. Make sure to choose appropriate pots for the size of your space. A larger pot looks nice on a larger porch, while smaller pots fit nicely on smaller porches. Also, choose pots that go with your overall color scheme. After all the time you spent selecting a color for your front door, you really wouldn’t want it thrown off by the color of your pottery.


The least expensive pots are plastic and look fine from a distance, but are not so appealing close up. The most expensive pots are ceramic and run about $25-$50 for a 12-inch pot. Fiberglass pottery can look just as fancy as ceramic and can be obtained for about a third of the cost.


Terra Cotta pots are always a great choice. They can easily be painted to work with any color palette and are inexpensive. The larger, 16-inch pots run for about $16, while the smaller, 12-inch pots are around $6.50. If you choose to paint your terra cotta pottery, use an outdoor paint and make sure to coat the inside of the pot with a sealer so moisture does not seep through and cause your paint to chip.


Bring it to life with flowers.

Flowers can add curb appeal to any home. If you don’t want to use pots, try placing a couple of six-packs of bright flowers in front of your porch or along the outside of it. If you are using smaller pots, one plant per pot will work wonderfully. If you have a large porch and are using a large pot, try place one large plant in the center of the pot and surround it with smaller plants.


Give it character.

If your front porch area is still lacking that one piece that lets your guests know they are at the right house, try out a unique doorbell cover. A quick online search will lead you to hundreds of online options at inexpensive prices. If you don’t have a doorbell, door knockers can be found just as easily for roughly the same costs and can add the same type of uniqueness to the space.


Play the numbers game.

Replace your tired, outdated house numbers with striking brass, chrome or black ones. Believe it or not, this easy and quick fix can make a huge difference to the overall vibe the front of your home gives off. Most house numbers range from $5-$10 for basic four to six-inch sizes. However, custom numbers can be ordered online starting around $11 each.


Other easy changes that can dress-up the entry are new light fixtures, door kick plates and mailboxes. Replacing these items with fresh, new ones can bring any space to life.

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