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Staged to Sell

Primelending Dallas - Staged to Sell

If you are looking to sell your home quickly and receive the most money for it, staging your home correctly is especially important. Our Dallas mortgage experts have compiled a simple list of twelve home staging tips that will provide you with the competitive edge needed to sell a home in the current housing market.

Tip #1: Establish a Balanced Space.

Is your kitchen limited on space? Does your dining room appear to be cut-off from the kitchen? If so, painting both areas the same color can actually make the kitchen appear larger and create more of an open concept. If you do not have a formal dining room, painting the room adjacent to the kitchen the same color will also give you a seamless look and provide an illusion of a bigger space.

Tip #2: Don’t Overcrowd Rooms.

While it is important to fill the space with furniture to give the potential buyer ideas about how their furniture will fit, it is also extremely important to not overcrowd the space. Too much furniture and décor can make rooms feel cramped and small.

For narrow rooms, add shelving to create depth and make the room feel larger. For big windows in large rooms, cover the window with a large-patterned window treatment. Small patterns in large rooms tend to disappear and not make as much of a statement. Homebuyers look for items such as big windows and large rooms, so accentuating these things are significant.

Tip #3: If Upgrades Are Needed, Use Eco-Friendly Materials.

In today’s world, buyers are actually willing to pay more for a home that is considered “green”. Therefore, check out eco-friendly materials when upgrading your home for sale. Look into items such as energy-efficient windows, recycled-glass countertops and energy-saving appliances.

Tip #4: Refinish and Reuse.

When it comes to staging a home, salvaging old materials can really save you money. A quick internet search will give you an ample amount of do-it-yourself projects that can add visually appealing elements to your home. Some sellers have re-stained or painted old furniture, re-upholstered chairs and benches, produced no-sew window treatments and have even created headboards from old doors.

Tip #5: Create Peaceful Bedrooms.

Potential homebuyers are looking for a space they can sit back and relax in. When staging your bedrooms, use soft colors and luxurious linens. If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to buy a brand new bed, purchase the bed frame and top it with and inexpensive air mattress. Then, dress the air mattress just as you would a regular bed.

Tip #6: Make Every Space Functional.

A huge turnoff to potential homebuyers is awkward spaces. Staging these spaces just right give the buyer ideas about what the space can be used for. For example, an attic bedroom’s low-ceiling, essentially pointless nook can be converted into a small, hideaway office area. Wall-to-wall shelves and a clean, functional desk take this awkward space to a private office in minutes. This quick fix now adds value to the home and is a feature buyers are sure to remember.

Tip #7: Clean Up With Paint.

Are you doors and crown molding looking dingy and outdated? If so, give them a new coat of bright white paint. This inexpensive and simple fix can make your entire house look cleaner and more contemporary. Another quick tip is to sketch a floor plan of the house for potential homebuyers. Be sure to include the dimensions of each room so that buyers can see exactly what they are getting and start to envision the layout of their furniture in the space.

Tip #8: Construct a Memorable First Impression.

The first impression is the key factor in selling your home. Usually, buyers form an opinion about your house 15 seconds after they walk through the front door. If your entry-area has turned into a junk collector, clear it out. Potential homebuyers need to feel drawn into your home not pushed out by the mess. A fresh coat of paint and new window treatments are easy-on-the-pocket upgrades that can drastically change the space.

Quick Tip: Evidence of pets can be a huge turn-off to buyers. Keep your critters under wrap by clearing out all leashes, pet food, crates and cages.

Tip #9: Invest in Contemporary Appliances.

If your kitchen appliances are out-dated and worn, spend the money on a new stove, refrigerator and/or microwave. Studies prove that sellers recover every dollar they spend on appliances. While stainless steel looks great and will definitely help sell your house, it is not absolutely necessary. Brand new, solid black appliances also look great and add value to your home.

Tip #10: Update the Kitchen.

Revamping your kitchen does not have to empty your wallet. Try inexpensive upgrades such as replacing out-dated cabinet doors with more modern, frosted-glass panel cabinet doors. Give all cabinets, drawers and walls a fresh coat of paint and replace the existing hardware with new pieces. When staging your kitchen, it is important to remember that plenty of counter space is on many buyers priority list; therefore, keep the countertops nice and clear.

Tip #11: Refurbish Outdated Bathrooms.

Updating a bathroom does not have to be an extremely costly task. In fact, a few quick and easy updates can take your bathroom from drab to divine. Try painting your existing cabinets and replacing your old faucets and shower head with new ones. Also, if your bathroom contains tacky, outdated tile, try having the tile re-glazed instead of completely replaced. Lastly, remove mold from the grout by using a simple bleach and water combination.

Tip #12: Clear Out the Clutter.

Storage sells houses and clutter demonstrates a lack of storage. With that being said, clean up and clear out any cluttered areas in the house. Look for unique storage items that add to the décor of the room such as photo boxes, baskets, shelving, etc.
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